The First National Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics is organized by English Language and Literature Department of   Golestan University to be held on Bahman 26, 1396. It aims to be one of the leading conferences for presenting mind-provoking and outstanding advances in the fields of ELT, English Literature and Translation Studies. It also serves to foster interaction among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving ELT, English Literature and Translation related techniques. The researchers are cordially invited to submit their papers on the theme of the conference or within, but not limited to, the following scopes here.

Conference Scientific Chair
Dr. Ali Derakhshan


پژوهشگران و شرکت کنندگان محترم، با سلام و احترام. ضمن تشکر از استقبال از همایش زبان دانشگاه گلستان، بدین وسیله به اطلاع می رساند هزینه های همایش از طریق کلیه شعب بانک ملی قابل پرداخت است. شماره حساب ۲۱۷۸۶۴۴۷۵۹۰۰۳ مهلت پرداخت ۱۵ بهمن ماه دبیرخانه همایش